Royal Q – CBD Infused Majestic Cream – 340 MG

Nothing says “boss” like Vital-Q’s Majestic Creams, now with CBD!

Feel extreme unconditional love each and every time you moisturize with this new proprietary blend known for its ability to sooth various types of conditions by acting at the source.

Extracted from the edible mushroom albatrellus ovinus, this cream’s active ingredient, defensil, absorbs into facial tissue and increases one’s tolerance to current irritations, in turn preventing the scratching/rubbing of problem areas, sunburn, shaving, epilation, stress, sensitivity, laser and chemical peeling as well as other various skin conditions attributed by cold weather.


Hemp-derived active CBD then compliments defensil by calming irritated skin directly with nutrients like Omega-3 and 6, as well as other fatty acids. This cannabinoid is renowned for its associated ability to relieve aggravated skin exhibiting flaking and patchiness. As usual, mother knows best, and the nurturing continues with the reduction of redness and resurgence of complexion via natural ingredients like organic green tea extract as well as avocado, coconut, marula kernel, olive, lavender and peppermint oils. These, in combination with emulsifying wax and kale extract, chlorella, wheatgrass, lemon, and spirulina rejuvenate the skin’s barrier by emulsifying tissue while reducing transepidermal water loss. Also loaded with antioxidants, these organic extracts treat acne and slow down the aging of skin cells by eliminating free radicals, creating the ultimate protective layer.

Key Benefits:

Moisturizes and calms irritated skin
Rejuvenates and hydrates for younger looking skin