About BioQuest Corp™

BioQuest Corp.™ (“BioQuest or the Company”) is a public reporting company (OTC:BQST).

We have an experienced executive team with decades of public company experience and offices in California and Oklahoma.

In October 2019, BioQuest completed a reverse merger. The Company is currently compliant with the SEC as of September 2020.  Also, the Company filed for and is Qualified for a Regulation A Tier 2 filing for $5M @ $2.00 per share, effective in November 2020.

BioQuest currently has developed a complete line of high-end, CBD based women’s products, branded as “Vital-Q™” and ready to package, market and distribute to B2B and B2C channels. We are also positioned to generate revenue through acquisitions of established companies who have a comprehensive presence in the Hemp-CBD marketplace.



Our business model is designed first and foremost to build a strong brand as quickly as possible as we operate in this emerging CBD market . As Hemp CBD is a new market, we believe the cost to acquire customers is most likely at the lowest point it will be, therefore, as part of our overall strategy we will start with an internet and online marketing strategy and intend to invest heavily in brand promotion and customer acquisition.

Hemp CBD Growth

The Brightfield Group “is calling for year over year CBD product sales from $5B in 2020 to around $17B by 2025." With the 20 largest companies commanding less than 17 % of the total Market, we are aggressively evaluating other “Non Public” companies for possible acquisitions. During the Covid-19 Period, the market has dramatically increased with 50-60% of purchases made online.


Vital-Q™ for Women

Vital-Q™ is a women’s anti-aging and beauty line packed with rich active botanicals and infused with CBD.

We pledge to deliver Health Conscious Solutions with safe and effective results.


Vital-Q™ currently includes the following women’s products:

  • Age Defying Skin – Apple Stem Cell plus CBD
  • Age Refining – Sculpting Formula plus CBD
  • Radiant Youth Serum – CBD infused Vitamin C
  • Responsive Formula – Collagen Retinol Cream plus CBD
  • Gorgeous Eyes – Under Eye CBD infused
  • Royal Q – CBD infused Majestic Cream

Soon to come:

  • Flawless Neck – CBD Infused with Hemp Extracts
  • Delicate Facial Wash – Deep Cleansing with CBD
  • Rich Facial Toner – Hydrating CBD infused